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Landslip kills six workers in Tashkent

DEC. 19 2019 (The Bulletin) — A landslip killed six labourers working on the construction of a metro extension in Tashkent. The fast pace of development in the region has pushed up fatalities on construction sites this year. Safety standards in both Central Asia and the South Caucasus are considered lax.


— This story was first published in issue 432 of the weekly Bulletin on Dec. 27 2019

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Radioactive in Kyrgyzstan waste tip could collapse

NOV. 8 (The Bulletin) — Quoting environmental campaigners, Reuters reported that waste heap is in danger of collapsing into a river in southern Kyrgyzstan that feeds into the water supply system of millions of people living downstream in the Fergana Valley. Soviet uranium mining built up the slag heaps which have been neglected, said the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development which is raising cash for a project to reinforce the slag dumps


— This story was first published in issue 428 of the weekly Bulletin.