Coronavirus briefing: Turkmenistan


Thousands of cyclists celebrate World Health Day in Turkmenistan on April 7//credit: TM government


The numbers:

— Turkmenistan has not reported any confirmed cases of the coronavirus, although reports from Ashgabat have said that the hospitals are admitting people with breathing difficulties.

— Human Rights Watch and Western diplomats have accused Turkmen officials of covering up the spread of the coronavirus.


The lockdown:

— Although there has been no official lockdown, police have erected checkpoints going into Ashgabat.

— The government said that it was stopping freight from moving across the country during the coronavirus pandemic. Turkmenistan has closed its land borders with Iran, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan.


Other news:

— On April 7, Turkmenistan celebrated World Health Day by holding a series of public events involving thousands of people. This goes against general social distancing restrictions generally introduced by other governments across the world.

— Reporters Without Borders reported that talk of the coronavirus had been banned in Turkmenistan and that the government was deliberately creating an “information black hole”.

— Turkmenistan Airlines suspended all its international services from April 13.

— Officials from WHO are visiting the country.


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